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programs. i don't think a solution would involve the u.s. going libya and training people on the ground. that would be too politically sensitive. jordan was an option. there were plenty of different countries that could offer this in that regard. sorry. yes, one more point. ironically given everything we have discuss there had is a sensitivity within the international community of making the army too strong. i know, that sounds weird given everything we've been talking about. we're talking about a country where there has been no military or defense or no civilian oversight. and the chief of staff is doing an excellent job at the moment in terms of asserting authority given the limitation of the army. but at the same time there's no effective civilian way for that the.
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very quickly the issue of military. that's the biggest problem. we have people who have no experience. and the affairs they are assigned to. with the min stir of defense it has beened because he is [inaudible] he became a defense minister. you have the military itself. is the middle of the bureaucrats who don't like to get anything done at any level. so anything comes from the top anything coming from the bottom up so you have and we had a long conversation on -- [inaudible] , you know, ambassador stephens he was complaining we were [inaudible] but the libyans are not taking and nay don't know how to incorporate the help they ask for and we are offering.
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and so the question was what can be done? you have to develop channels. i think task forces that deal with specific things that go around the bypass the bureaucracy. i think that in my opinion, is the best way to go right now libya until you clean up the military and they become a working function. okay. thank you. we have come to the end of our work time. thank you all for coming. and please help me in thanking the speakers. [applause] the president of libya will speak for the u.n. general assembly tomorrow afternoon. you can see that live on c-span at 4:15 p.m. eastern. readers from all the member nations are invited to address the assembly at the opening of the term.
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nor own the role of foreign policy and the presidential campaign from washington journal this is 45 minutes. he is the former undersecretary of state from political affairs from 2005 to 2008. the george w. bush administration. he is teachly currently at the professor of diplomacy and international politics at harvard. thank you for joining us. >> it's a pleasure to be with you. >> thank you. you heard the speeches from new york and the play about the dualing foreign policy points. what's your take away as far as what each candidates had to say in new york? >> guest: first i think it's very interesting that foreign policy and national security issues have made a real come comeback. they are a big part of the discussion. i think it's a good thing because foreign policy is important to every single american. because we live in a globalized world. i thought president obama gave a
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thoughtful and he focused 0 the middle east and the tragic events that took place two weeks ago of this week. the assassination of our ambassador in libya and three of his colleagues. the president paid tribute to ambassador stephens. he made two important points, he said americans obviously want to show great religious tolerance for the viewrs of others. and he disassociated the united states from the hateful video that was made in california that derotted the prophet mohammed and islam. and the president said this is his main point, he was passionate about it. the americans have an abiding belief in made a compelling case mr.. he also had a message for iran and that is that while we want to negotiate our differences
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through diplomacy if that's possible, that time is not unlimited. i thought it was a warning to the iranian government is a difficult deal with. i thought it was a important speech that the president gave yesterday in my. >> >> host: how about mitt romney can, you assess from what yoaf heard and have seen over the months. is there anything close to what you might call a romney doctrine on foreign policy? how would you encaps late it? >> guest: he it a smart and successful person. he's been talking about foreign policy. it's not the issue he wants to emphasis in the campaign. he wants the campaign to be obviously about the economy and about our unemployment rate. and it's an unusual position for republican to be in to be running against democrat who has a strong record on national security. i think that's been difficult for the romney campaign, you know, i have worked for both republicans and democrats in various administrations, so i'm
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not a political person. but if seems to me that republicans always try to run to the right of a democrat and sometimes accuse democrats of being weak on national security. on this election you have president obama who have taken us out of iraq. president obama who has waged a tough war against al qaeda and has gone off the leadership note tbli osama bin laden who has taken out from the terrorist on yemen -- and president obama because of the actions in the very pressive record has boosted american credibility in some parts of the world. governor romney has been trying to assert that president obama is not strong enough on foreign policy. he hasn't supported israel enough. or not as tough as he should be with china. i'm not sure that's getting through. i wonder if romney might be better adviced to articulate in a more detailed way how he would
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change american and foreign and security policy and how do we deal with china, russia, get out of afghanistan with i have 68,000 men and tbhim uniform in afghanistan. the debate start as you know next week, it looks like foreign policy will be a part part of the debate in the campaign. i think it's healthy we discuss the issues. >> host: i want your comments from out there from the viewers. for nicholas burns who is up in boston. he's teaching a harvard. he spent 127 years in the foreign service. he's a former ambassador to they know. the numbers are on the bottom of the screen. we will read tweets as well if rtd ambassador. i want to dig in for a minute or two on iran. >> sure. >> host: and begin with a short piece the president yesterday about iran. >> the problem is not unlimited. we respect the right of nations to access peaceful nuclear
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power. but one of the purposes of the united nations is to see we harness that power for peace. make no mistake, nuclear -- is no at challenge that can be contained that would threaten the elimination of israel, the security of the nations and the security of the global economy. it risk triggering a nuclear arms race in the region and the unraveling of the nonproliferation treaty. that's why a coalition of the countries is holding the iranian government accountable. and that's why we must do what -- >> host: how about the posture and the words any messages you heard from the president. and speak about the arc of recent history here. it wasn't too long when you were folks were dealing with the issue as well. go ahead. >> guest: thank you. i thought it was an interesting reference that the president made to iron in the speech with the u.n. yesterday. i thought he was talking directly to the iranian government and to the iranian
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people to get the meth age i cross that the united states has a lot of international backing. most of the countries are supporting us not the iranian. there's a big push now to see if we and other countries can sit down with iran and negotiate the differences, prevent iran from becoming a nuclear weapons power and getting the international energy agency to watch the iranians to make sure they don't go beyond they should be doing in the enrichment. about president has put in place very tough sanctions the toughest ever place in against iran, president obama has done that and reserved the right if absolutely necessary at the end of the day for the united states to use force. he is putting it out. he wants to focus on deputy. i worked for csh on the iran issue over three years, there's a remarkable similarity to me between the george w. bush policy in iran and the barack
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obama policy. i get the sense in my discussions with senators and congressman and women on capitol hill that there is a basic bipartisan support for the policy that the last two american presidents have undertaj. we don't want to go to war or open the possibility of a third land war in the middle east after afghanistan and iraq. we to focus on the diplomacy. we want to be tough minded and protect real israel and protect our finds in the arab world. i think that's what he's trying to do. i think it's a sensible policy we ought to give him the time or governor romney the time to negotiate with the iranians last point i'll make is an interesting fact that we have not had a sustained substantiative conversation with the iranian government since the jimmy carter administration. it is in our interest to talk to them. not because we like the government. we don't want. we want to see if there's a
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possibility to resolve this. high alert active police officers go to the the synagogues obama did nothing. and i think bush was there with fifty marines on the roofs in the meantime the people were killed. i heard bad information about the guy -- fbi agent who was tortured and other things happened to him. the bulk is on his hands. but the media doesn't think so. they protect him every time they can. i mean, who is supposed to stand up for the guys? you know what i'm saying? >> host: let's to go to nicholas burns. let's see how you think the
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administration handledded libya. >> guest: i have worked for republican and democratic administrations. i think it's unfair to level such a criticism in president obama. he has been a very strong leader on protecting this country as president bush was. and i think both presidents, since 9/11, have put security of the american people, our homeland security as job number one as they should. and they have both been strong in the area. it's unfair to assert that president obama has let down the guard. libya was a triple tragic event. he died two weeks ago today along with the three of the colleagues. the responsibility for guarding our embassy overseas is not the -- we don't have american military protecting our embassy. it's the host country that provides the perimeter security around the diplomatic security. we provide the security for the foreign embassies in new york city. who let us down in cairo?
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it was the egyptian government. that's why the crowd went over the wall and put down the american flag and putted it up. it was the libyan security forces who let us down in benghazi when ambassador stevens was killed. i don't think it's appropriate to somehow blame the state department or the white house for this. and now obviously, we have to do everything we can to protect our people. as grow know president obama got on the phone with the president of egypt after the embassy was attacked and basically said you have to do a better job. there's is my paraphrasing what i read about the conversation in the newspaper. you have to did a better job and protect our embarrass sip. that's the right message. i think it's tined time for the americans to stand time. it's a tough time for the diplomats. they -- >> host: georgia is on the live eric on the line for democrats. hey. >> caller: yeah. i have two comments. thanks for taking my call.
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first of all, the g.o.p. often says there's a libbial media. that can't be phut from the truth. all media is corporate owned. when you're a tv person, all you're doing is what your boss is what you are doing. you are an employee owned by a rich people they are most part is republican. most media is right-wing. with that said, i want to talk about iran. mitt romney he doesn't have any reason to run for president, his life is made. he is collected $20 million a year doing absolutely nothing. he doesn't have a reason to run for president. he's not trying to help the people, ease shelby specially the poor why is he running? for rich people. the israel guy is going to tell him go to iron and he is going
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to go to iran. he doesn't have any backbone. he goes which ever the way the wind blows. hey he's going to go to war with iran. he whatever the donors tell him. what do you think? >> guest: thank you for your questions. firsten 0 the media. i have departmented a healthy respect for the media. our system of government couldn't work without them. i think we are lucky to have
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them. on governor romney, all i can say he's been a successful person in whatever he's done. he's had a successful business career, he was -- i think he was a good governor of mississippi in many ways. i live in massachusetts. but my own point of view, he's had a tough presidential campaign. he has 47% mark was damaging to him. he doesn't have traction. he hasn't been able to develop and articulate a compelling view how he would lead the nation on different destruction than president obama. he has the opportunity to do that. maybe he can begin to d.a. do that. he gave a good speech yesterday. on the development policy and i thought it was a well considered and very serious speech. he needs to do more than that. more of that, i think in the debate and that's why the
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debates are going to be important. because president obama and romney have different views as to where they want to take the country internationally. that caller touched a little bit on iran, again, what are you expecting from the speech by the iranian leader at the u.n. today. what are you looking for? >> caller: a lot of the viewers know who he is. she a fool. he is the person who regularly taunts and criticizes the united states. he tells lie about our country. she is is a israel hater. he denies the holocaust. he said israel should be wiped off the map of the world. all americans must denounce ahmadinejad. he's not the most significant leader in the iran. and ahmadinejad is out of next week. i would expect a lot of lies about the united states. and frankly, you know, he'll be up there talking with the u.n. ub iran has little sport. of course they have support from
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the hezbollah from the terrorist group and the syria government which is an outlaw government in the middle of civil war. most countries in the world want nothing to do with the ierp begans. they are under tough sanctions. is so it's a cub on the defensive and again, i think that both president bush and president obama have done a good job at pushing the iranianings in a corner and getting a lot of countries around the world to support us in sanctions. we ought to continue that policy no matter who wins our election to negotiate with them the iranians be tough minded and prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon. >> host: susan on the line. on the independents line. >> caller: good morning. thank you for c-span and mr. burns the comments are very great. i really appreciate them. i have two questions. one regarding libya and the other regarding the differences between the two candidates for
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president on the foreign policy. one is regarding libya, do you think that it could have been al qaeda attack from the get go to see the guys that made the film in california? number one. number two, regarding the foreign policy issue, do you think that president obama has more a high-tech idea of our military in the future rather than the bots on the ground, you know, type of military we have seen in the past when we put the boys in harm's way. >> host: thank you, susan. >> guest: thank you. those are good questions. it's unclear what happened in libya. we know from press reports and eye witness accounts. there was a demonstration at the consulate in benghazi in eastern
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libya where ambassador stephens was there for the day. and then behind that, at least there have been conflicting reports there may have been an organized terrorist attack that came behind the demonstration. the state department is investigating this. i'm sure they'll report on what they learn. it's a serious issue obviously. i would like to say i was a member of the american foreign service for many years, and boy, it was a terrible tragic day for the united states and the american foreign service. we lost four outstanding public servants to our country. and the state department had not lost an ambassador to terrorist attack since 1968 when they were killed in afghanistan. it's a dangerous business. we have men and women out on the frontlines defending and protecting the united states in the most dangerous place in the world. the foreign service doesn't get a lot of publicity. they deserve our support and thanks just as our military
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officers and enlisted personnel do. for serving our country overseas. i wanted to say that about libya. on the second question, pertaining to governor romney, i think that, you know, he just needs to, you know, he needs to present a more compelling vision with what he wants to do for the foreign policy and the united states. he talked a lot about military moderrization romney has about main -- maintaining the strength of our air force and fleet. president obama i think has a modern view hoe how he wants to use the military. i think he decided quickly after taking office he would take us out of iraq which he did in december of twch and after building up in afghanistan with the surge in 2009, he would begin to draw down in afghanistan he said that most of our combat troops would be out in 2014. clearly, you know, we have been in an unusual period since
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9/11. we have fought two land wars with hundred of thousands of troops involved. with have never done it before with the exception of world war ii. i think president obama wants to avoid land wars if we can in the future and use the comparative individual that we have. and that's our air power, and our sea power and our special forces and you have seen him do that in afghanistan, in yemen, somalia, we're taking the fight to al qaeda and the other terrorist groups and been effective. i think president obama's strategy is a good one. and i hope that can be continued in the future. >> host: we have twenty minutes with the left who is up in boston. knick already burns takes a call from memphis, tennessee with a republican named rick. hi, rick. >> caller: [inaudible] were takens out in al ma mack i can. what like to know can you justify taking out his 16-year-old son at the zenner party with his friends?
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>> thank you. >> host: mr. burns? glrg thank you very much. it's a tough question. i'm not a lawyer. so i can't give you -- i can't fight chapter and verse on international law. all i know is this. that he was an american citizens. but he also insighted terrorism against every other american. he was part of a terrorist group that would destroy american life and inflict terrorist attacks on the country. if that's the way he was, that's who he was. i think our government had a right go after to him. as to the son, i can't speak to the details of what happened because i don't know. i'm a private citizens. i don't have any special knowledge of what happened on the attack. but, you know, terrorist put themselves on the line, if they impose our country, that they seek to destroy our country. i think we have an only division to go after them. i think president obama has been right to wage the very tough campaign against al qaeda.
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al qaeda is an and my of the united states and all of us know that after 9/11. >> host: i want to get more of your take on syria. they pointed a world leader clash over the syria. they point out the sharp differences on how the end the civil war service. one arab ruler urged total support for the rebels soon after the secretaried a monod nations not to harm either side in the conflict. what's your take? >> guest: i think it's a tragic part of the arab revolution. 25,000 people have died in syria. at least because of the syria government is using artillery and president obama said the right thing yesterday. "the dictator" of sure ya has to go. there has to be a new government that is more representative of the people. and here is the tragedy. the government is strong enough to stay in power, and the rebel alliance is strong but not
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strong enough to dislodge them. they seem to be almost evenly matched. and there doesn't seem to be a clear winner of the war. and the diplomatic problem is that russia and china in a very cynical way are blocking every attempt by the u.n. cur city counsel to help the ref fujis or the rubble alliance or give a straight message to the dictator in syria. they are no help. i think it's a frustrating issue for president obama. he doesn't want to intervene with troops because frankly it would take too many american troops they might get caught there far long time. we can't afford that. i think he made the right decision not to put american troops in. meanwhile the people are chiing. sooner or later we may have to consider arming the rebelling we need to do as much as we can to help the innocent ref refugees that are coming in to jordan, iraq, and tour keep.
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the poor people who lost their homes. the kids can't go to school, the family members have been killed. it's a terrible story. i think that, you know, the united states is going to have to perhaps reconsider the policy at least of not arming the rebels. >> one viewers wants to hear from you about iraq via twitter. was the iraq war one of necessity or one of choice? >> guest, you know, they say hindsight is 20/20. i don't mean to be unduly critical of president bush. i think he is a fine person and did a lot of things. i think the iraq war was a mistake. the reason everyone knows for which we went in turned out to be not true. there wasn't weapons of mass destruction at the time in iraq. we spent an enormous effort and young men and women gave their american lives for the effort. it cost us over a trillion dollars. it really harmed our credibility
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the basic credibility of our country. not just in the middle east but in other parts of the world and with a benefit of hindsight if we can go back to 2003, i would recommend we not innovate iraq. this that sense it was a war of choice. it was essential not war of necessity. i think, however, that the decision by president bush to go in to afghanistan in october of 2001, just a couple of weeks after 9/11 it was a war of necessity. we had to go after u osama bin laden. >> host: let's hear from samuel on the democrat line. >> caller: good morning. how are you? >> host: good. how are you? >> caller: can you hear me. >> host. >> [inaudible] justifiable credit to our president and hello, mr. burns, how are you? >> guest: very well. thank you. good morning. >> caller: i listened to the
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president's speech yesterday. i was impressed by it. he is a brilliant gentleman. i think he gives a very excellent speech about freedom. freedom for the people in the middle east. and they gave him a standing ovation on that. it may not have been a standing but they were appreciated what he was saying. and [inaudible] i think people who hate the president of the united states should look at themselves in the mirror and ask who is going to really support -- what are they supportive of? they claim to be patriotic people. they hate -- they despise our president. i don't think it has anything to do with the pots. i think it has to do with the fact he's a black president and i think the evidence proves that beyond a doubt. >> host: knick already burns? >> guest: thank you for your comments. for what it's worth i'll give you my personal view. i think he is a dignified,
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effective leader for the united states. i think his foreign policy has been strong, it's been impressive, it's been very effective in protecting the american people. and, you know, i think president obama very after modern leader. he's been to be reach out to the muslim world not always with success. he's tried to repair some of the divisions between the united and the muslim world that have been so evident over the last ten years, and i travel a lot. i go to india, europe, other part of the world. i can tell you people really respect himover seas and like him. i think he presents a positive image for our country. i don't want to get too much involved in politics. i just admire him. and i think he's done a fine job for our country. i grow very much with your sentiment sir, thank you. >> host: one more point about iran. then we'll get back to the phone. there's another story in the washington "times" how the west might welcome someone named [inaudible] there's speculation the symbol of moderation could return as
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president there. any thoughts? >> guest: that's an interesting development. he is the former president of iran. in the iranian context, he is more moderate than someone like ahmadinejad who is just far -- he's a crazy person in a lot of ways. and yet, you know, the whole leadership of iran including they're the ones who had the hateful policy toward the state of israel. they are the ones developing the nuclear weapons program. i'm not sure in the final analysis if it'll make a big difference. the real power is not -- it's the supreme leader. i mentioned his name before. he is the successor who skyed many years ago. and the supreme leader seems to be a very close-minded person with a distorted view of the united states, and it appears he's one of the people trying to block our effort to have negotiations that might resolve
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the nuclear issue peacefully. whether the president or the speaker of the parliament becomes the president, i'm not sure it'll make a crucial difference. because the power does resist with the very conservative, close-minded supreme leader. we have a real problem with iran. the large itself supporter of terrorism in the middle east. they are trying to create a nuclear weapon which will be a disaster for all of us if they get it. they have been unhelpful in afghanistan or iraq. whether it's president obama or governor romney in the white house in 2014, i would think that iran is going to be the number one national security problem. i hope question resolve it peacefully. we have to be tough minded and do whatever it is to take to prevent them from becoming a nuclear weapon. ..
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they wanted to further their saturdays. and that third point, ahmadinejad i have heard reports that u.s. miscoded on that statement where he said he wanted to wipe israel off the map and what he was more trying to say was that zionism is going to fall -- zionism was going to fall by its own volition.
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>> the point there come you can take any of them or love them, go ahead. >> i pay very close attention to what ahmadinejad said when he came into power in 2005. he said many times israel should be wiped off the map of the world and the supreme leader has said the same name. they have it out for israel and they do want to see israel disappear and it's the obligation of the united states to protect israel and of course who would do that. this ethic and then i say as china and russia have not been good friends of the palestinians. they don't really care about palestinians and the spider differences from time to time but the palestinian leadership in ramallah, the united states within a good friend and we want to see a peace agreement between israel and palestinians. there should be an independent state for the palestinians as well as israel. that's every american administration has stood for for the last 40 or years.
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so i think it's dangerous to say the chinese and russians care very much because i think they run cynical foreign policy and they don't really carry paramus about the palestinian issue. >> nicholas burns talking about china and the rest of the headline says experts are touting its worth. so they haven't refurbished soviet carrier, but then the story points out is used only for training and testing. with your overall view of this? >> there is a major chinese military buildup underway and it's going to continue for years and decades to come and that presents a real problem. we're a major trading partner. china is the leading creditor of the united states, so we have a this symbiotic, highly integrated economic relationship tied to each other. we do not want to gore to worsen
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nuclear weapons power, but the same time we don't want to see china become any station because the united states, the garden security of the world war ii september 1945. obama correctly has said we need to build a the american navy air force andersen air force in putting marines into darwin and northern australia, reinforcing alliances and not that we want to fight the chinese, but we want to make sure the democratic asia, a specific power strong enough, where we don't really can dominate in east asia. i do think this'll be the number one issue in foreign policy for the next decade or more. it out to be a big issue in the debate and governor romney. i think they have similar views. it's such an important issue.
11:36 pm
>> via twitter, mr. ambassador, one viewer has a broad question, a broad statement. what do you think? >> guest: i don't know whether he's referring to iraq or iran. based on my own experience as a diplomat come it's very difficult for the united states to go winning plan to topple the regime. in march 2003 are military was brilliant in our offense into iraq and they could launch saddam hussein. but then we found that we had to stay and occupy the country and we were there for eight years and it was a sad story, tragic story of what happened. and so i think the united states needs to be the strongest country in the world. at the same time we need to know the value of restraint. we can't solve everybody's
11:37 pm
problem and we can't overuse a massive military to to do too much. we can't fight our way through every problem. another thing president obama has been talking about is we do need to return to diplomacy backed by the force, of course, a strong military. normally with united states is sent to most of its history is put diplomats out front, the diplomats lead and and resolve our differences peacefully and only when our backs are to the wall to reuse the military. i think one of the mistakes he might have made again in hindsight after 9/11 is that we overuse the military. without there was a military answer to every problem. and i don't think that's the case. we live in a complex world of the statues all the assets available to us in a full foreign policy to be effective. housecoat good morning to you, dave. >> caller: good morning to see standing good morning, mr. burns.
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i disagree with you saying that obama is a great foreign policy leader. my main thing is after the u.n. speech, i would think that israel on the church with iran they would have met with the prime minister are some of our other allies to reassure them that we are behind them and then he's going on to view. the other thing i have to say as he spent tax money running and not in pakistan on the internet when he said not name of the art display a crucifix. to me it is appalling that our president goes around apologizing for the u.s. and doesn't defend things happening here. >> host: nicholas burns
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>> guest: thank you for your question. i'm just trying to be objective here. ioc president obama apologizing for very much. i think this charge she apologizes excessively is wrong. i listened carefully to the speech yesterday and i listened carefully to his remarks two weeks ago when our embassies were attacked. he didn't apologize in that video. but he simply stated this almost every american agrees. that is a vile and hateful video in american have been built on religious tolerance. as we've been all abuzz since the founding fathers brought this republic into being. we believe that muslims not to be free as christians and jewish and hindu's to practice their religion. that's all the president was saying. i thought he might be nice value, but was not apologizing for what he did. i would say this, i think it is very important that the united states of israel, this gets the
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first part of your comic come to be together here publicly. there is a separation between the u.s. and israeli governments which is not healthy. as in every family, you wonder how the united front is okay to argue and disagree behind the scenes, but she don't want to disagree in front of our adversaries. so i do think it's incumbent upon both the israelis as well as the american to show some friendship publicly. we're going to have an honest disagreement with the israeli government and frankly i say to president obama on this one. prime minister netanyahu is effectively intervened at our political campaign by suggesting the united states should draw red lines that we would use military force if iran does x, y or z. that to me doesn't make a lot of sense. we don't want to have to send american military into battle just because it reaches a level of enrichment of uranium. we had to wander president from what there is president obama or
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president romney to use his own judgment at the time to make this very fateful decision. so i agree with president obama. i think trying to restrain israel from attacking in preventing israel from attacking us the right policy. we had to support israel, but not start a war. that could drag the united states into a third land war in the middle east. i think the president has shown a lot of wisdom here. >> host: on the screen, mr. burns, we see a photo from "the new york times," an american adviser in afghanistan. aside from being gunned down, trainers got the ability of afghans to propel an attack. training allies in afghanistan with their card firmly up. what do you see as the future in afghanistan as a former ambassador to nato, what do you make of what some are calling the diminishing role in afghanistan? >> guest: i was the american ambassador when we made the
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decision after 9/11. you know, i think we have to bind us were down. it's the longest in american history. we've been there for 11 years. we've had over 100,000 troops for the last couple years until the recent drawdown of troops or president obama. still 60,000 troops there. there's no conventional victory. our troops about valiantly, but we can't defeat the taliban and any conventional sense because they were guerrilla army. they come from the local passion population of pakistan and afghanistan. the only way is to do a president of undersecretary to negotiate or promote negotiation between the afghan government. keep up the pressure and the taliban, the draw down american forces. that is the only way out for the united states and we have this terrible problem, we are training hundreds of thousands of soldiers and some of them
11:43 pm
have been turning their guns on their american allies and killing their soldiers. so the military quite rightly has put restrictions and inhibit these attacks. but it does show the afghan government every week. you have to wonder if the afghan government take responsibility and do a much better job of people in the military so they don't have to room people. >> one less call for a guest in new jersey. democrat, hi there. >> caller: hi, i want to talk about the caller who talked about romney running for president on his own agenda. i think he's not the right person. i can't see a man who can't run our country and bring it up to war in iran he has five healthy
11:44 pm
sons had never served in the military. i just don't think he is for the people of this country. he's out there for his own agenda. like vice president biden, he had a least one on this pastry out of country. i don't think it's it's out for the people's interests. >> host: final word from the caller there. in the campaign role of 2012, what will the role-play? >> guest: i guess that would mean to the motives of governor romney running for president. as a pastry addict american who has to contribute and has a sense of ideas that can contribute. however, i think he's having a problem. foreign policy is becoming a much bigger issue than anybody expected because of these terrible events in the middle east, because both candidates are attacking china and wanted
11:45 pm
to sanction china because of a threat of war between israel and iran. i think president obama has got the natural advantage going into the debate. the president's record is very solid. he's been a good president on foreign policy and governor romney's challenge now is to get beyond the slow dance in the 119 see in the campaign trail and develop some well considered idea to explain, okay, here's what i i would do differently. how committed our troops out of afghanistan? heckuva step ramp from becoming a nuclear weapons power? how do we bring peace to israel and the palestinians? how we promote american jobs during free-trade cliques that is the debate we should have. they should be in intensive foreign policy and i for one and looking forward to the debate. they sell at the two candidates can talk about. >> host: nicholas burns, 20
11:46 pm
years on the u.s. for as airbase from secretary of state for several years and former u.s. ambassador, now teaching at harvard. thank you for joining. >> guest: thank you. i enjoyed it.
11:47 pm
>> see the first of the presidential debates next wednesday, laid-back he spanned from the c-span radio and online at in a few moments, speeches to the u.n. assembly
11:48 pm
>> september 11, 2001 was the day that changed my life or ever. it changed america's life. i'm going through powerpoint presentation, which will outline the account, the historical account of the attack as transpired that day. it gets pretty intense. a lot of things happened very quickly. i'm going to do my best not to ramble on a go too fast, so i would ask you to set back, clear your mind, put yourself in that room and you get a real sense of what it was like to be at the top of the food chain, the national command authority as a nation of 300 million americans was attacked by 19 al qaeda
11:49 pm
terrorists. ud iranian president trying toro make his last speech to the u.ns general assembly today. refer ts he did not refer to his country's nuclear program for sanctions by western countries including the u.s.n this is a little more than a half-hour. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: on behalf ofn bef the general assembly, i have the honor to welcome to the united l nations, his excellency trained to come the the islamic republie of iran and of i tend to the assembly. [applause]
11:50 pm
's been in the name of god, the compassionate the merciful, may peace and blessings be upon the greatness of -- he has chosen a companion and divine messengers. of the god hasten the emergence of your children. grant him good health and victory and make us his best companions and all those who attain to his reckless. mr. president excellencies and ladies and gentlemen i think the almighty god for having given me the chance to participate in speaking. we have gathered here to ponder and work together for building a better life for the entire human community and for our nation's. comments from iran. the glory and beauty, the land of knowledge, wisdom and
11:51 pm
morality. the cradle of philosophy and mysticism, the land of compassion and life, the land of scientists, philosophers, and writers. [inaudible] i represent a great and proud nation that is a founder of human civilization and an inheritor of respected universal values. i represent a conscious nation which is dedicated to the cause of freedom, peace and compassion, a nation that has experienced the agony and bitter times at the aggression and opposed wars and profoundly --
11:52 pm
profound values. i am now here for the eighth time, in the eighth year of my service. in this assembly of sisters and brothers from across the world, to show to the world that my northern nation has a global vision and welcomes any effort intended to provide and promote peace, stability and tranquilite realized through harmony, cooperation and joint management of the world. i am here to voice the divine and humanitarian message of
11:53 pm
learned men and women of my country to u.n. to you and to the whole world. a message that iran's great orator and poet presented to humanity in his eternal poetry. human beings are members of the hole in creations of one essence and soul. if one is inflicted with pain, other members -- i have talked in the past seven years about the current challenges, solutions and prospects for the future world. today i want to raise and discuss such issues from a different perspective. thousands of years have passed since the children of adam. peace be upon him have started
11:54 pm
to settle down. people of different colors, language and traditions pursuing persistently to fulfill their aspirations to build another society for a more beautiful life blessed with lasting peace, security and happiness. despite all efforts made by russia's people and -- and the sufferings and pain by masses of people in the quest to achieve happiness and victory, the history of mankind except in rare cases is full of unfulfilled dreams and failures. imagine for a moment, had there have been no -- this trust, malicious behaviors, with no one violating the rights of others, had the humanitarian values been viewed as the
11:55 pm
criterion for social dignity in place of affluence and consumerism, had humanity not experienced the dark age of many other periods and centers of power, not ended the knowledge and constructive thoughts, had the wars of crusade and the ensuing periods of slavery and colonialism not happened and had the inheritance of these dark periods follow the course on the premises of the humanitarian principles, had the first and second world wars in europe, the wars in korea, vietnam, africa about latin america and in the balkans not happened, and if instead of the occupation of palestine and imposition of a faith government displacement and genocide of millions of people around the world, the truth behind these wars have been revealed based on justice. had saddam saddam hussein not
11:56 pm
invaded iran and had -- supported the rights of the iranian people instead of siding with saddam, the tragic incident of september 11 and the military actions against afghanistan and iraq that left millions killed in homeless had not happened, and if instead of killing the culprit into the seed without informing the world and the people of america and an independent fact-finding team had been formed to make the general public aware of the incident and therefore bringing to justice the perpetrators, had extremism or terrorism not unused to secure political goals, had the arms been turned into pens and military expenditures been used to promote amity among nations, had
11:57 pm
ethnic religious or -- not been beaten and that differences have not been used for the purposes of advancing political agendas, have the right to criticize the hegemonic policies and actions of the world zionism been recognized to allow the world media to freely report and shed light on the realities instead of taking deceitful gestures, pending the sanctities and sacred rights of human human beings and divine messengers who as the purest and most compassionate human beings are the gift of your mighty to humanity, had the security council not been under the domination of a limited number of governments, thus disabling the united nations to carry out its responsibilities on an
11:58 pm
equitable basis, the internatiinternati onal economic institutions have not been under pressure and allowed to perform their duties and functions by using their expertise based on fairness and justice, had the world capitalist not victimize the economies of nations in order to make up for their own mistakes, if integrity and honesty have not prevailed on the international relations and all nations and governments were treated equally and justly in the global effort to build and expand happiness for the entire mankind, and if other unfavorable situations have not occurred, in human life, imagine how beautiful and pleasant our lives and how lovely the history of mankind would have been. let us take a look at the world
11:59 pm
situation today. indymac, the economic situation. poverty is on the rise and the gap is widening between the rich and the poor. millions of industrial countries have exceeded $63 million while the repayment of half of this amount is sufficient to eradicate poverty in the world. the economy is dependent upon consumerism and exploitation of all who serve the interest of a limited number of countries. the creation of paper assets by using influence and control over the world's economic centers constitutes the greatest abuse of history and is considered a major contributor to global economic crisis. it has been reported that only 33 -- were printed by one government alone.
12:00 am
development planning, based on the economy. that runs in a vicious circle creating an unhealthy and devastating conditions and it is a failed practice. b, the cultural situation. from the standpoint of the politicians who control the world power centers, moral principles -- not principles are rejected as defunct and outdated notions and an impediment to the congressman to their goals. they ultimately talk about their disbelief in the relevance of ethics to the political and social affairs. and indigenous culture of centuries-old efforts of the nations reflecting the profound feeling of love towards beauty and which believes diversity and
12:01 am
social dynamism are under constant attack and susceptible to extinction. individual social identity is being opposed to nations by organizing systematic destruction of identities. family and societies at the center emanating love and humanity has been seriously -- and its role is under decline. as a heavenly being a manifestation of the divine image and beauty and the main pillar of every society has been damaged and abused by the powerful. the human soul has been frustrated and the essence of humankind humiliated and suppress. c, political and security situation. humanitarianism application of -- kind of position abhorrent
12:02 am
stability and occupation to ensure economic interest and expand dominance over centers of the world have to be the order of the day. the arms race and intimidation by nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction by the hegemonic powers have become prevalent. generations of ultra-modern weaponry and to disclose armaments is now being used as the new language of threat against nations to force them into accepting a new air of hegemony. continual threats by the uncivilized zionists who resort to military action against our great nation is a clear example of this bit of reality. the state of mistrust has casted shadow cast a shadow on the international relations and while there is no just authority
12:03 am
to help resolve world conflicts. no one feel secure or safe and even those who have a stockpile, thousands of atomic bombs and other arms in their arsenals. the environmental situation, the environment as commonwealth and heritage of the entire humankind and that constant guarantor of man's survival has been seriously devastated as a result of irresponsible and excessive use of resources particularly by capitalists across the world. the situation that is caused massive drought, flood and pollution creating irreparable damage. dear colleagues and scientific knowledge and technology the aspirations of our children have not yet been fulfilled. does anybody believe that the continuation of the current order is capable of bringing happiness for human society? today, everyone is discontent
12:04 am
and disappointed that the current international order. dear colleagues, human beings do not deserve to be under continuing sufferings of the present situation. god of wisdom who loves all human beings has not ordained destiny for van tine. he is ordered human -- to make the best and most beautiful life on earth along with justice, love and dignity. we must therefore think of the solution. who is responsible for all these sufferings and failures? some people try to justify that everything is normal and a reflection of the wealth of putting the blame on nations as responsible for all prevalent ills. it is the nations have succumbed to discrimination. it is the nations that surrender dictatorship and greed.
12:05 am
it is the nations that except the hegemony of arrogant and expansionist powers. is the nations that are imposed by the tactics and most devices in a row for the result of a passing attitude to the inclination to live under the supremacy of the world's powers. these are the arguments raised by those who tend to blame nations for the unfavorable conditions in the world with the intention to justify the attitudes and disruptive behaviors of the ruling minority. these claims supposedly authentic, cannot be in any way justified in the continuation of the present oppressive international order. indeed poverty is imposed on nations and powers and visions and goals are pursued either through dc-8 or resort to force.
12:06 am
to justify their inhuman actions they propagate that vary based on the survival of the fittest. while in principle, most governments in nations are humble and submissive in the face of -- masses never want to expand their territories nor do they seek to obtain legendary wealth. they have no disputes among themselves and principles and have never played a role in the creation of any disastrous events in the urse of history. i do not believe that muslims, christians, jews, hindus and buddhists have any problems among themselves. all are hostile against each other. they get along together confidently and live together in
12:07 am
an atmosphere of peace and amity. they are all devoted to the cause of justice, security and love. the general tendency of nations has always been to accomplish positive, and aspirations reflecting exalted human beauties and abilities. the current abysmal situation in the world and the abysmal incidence of history are humanely in the wrong management of the world and the self-proclaimed centers of power who have entrusted themselves to the devil. the order that is rooted in the anti-human -- of the slavery and the old and new colonialism are responsible for poverty, corruption, ignorance and discrimination in every corner of the world. the current war order has
12:08 am
several characteristics, some of it as follows. it is founded on materialism and that is why it is in no way bound to moral values. it has been shaped according to selfishness, deception, hatred and animosity. it leaves in classification of human beings in relation to other nations trampling upon the rights of others and the abomination. it seeks to expand its domination by spreading conflicts among ethnic groups and nations. nations. aims to monopolize power, wealth, science and technology for a limited group. policies of the world are the main centers of power are based on the principle of domination
12:09 am
and the conquering of others. these symptoms only seeks supremacy and are not in favor of peace indefinitely not of their nation. they are led to believe that those who spend hundreds of millions of dollars on election campaigns have the interest of the people of the world at their hearts despite what the political claim in a capitalist countries. the money that goes into the political campaign is nothing usually but -- parties that only represent a small number of people. the real views of the masses have the least impact and influence on the big decisions especially those made about the domestic and foreign policies. in the united states and in
12:10 am
europe. their voices are not heard, even if they constitute 99% of the society's. human and ethical values are sacrificed in order to -- and their willingness to listen to the demands of the people has become only a two at a time in election. the current world order is -- and based on injustice. distinguished friends and colleagues, what should be done and what is the way out of the current situation? there is no doubt that the world is in need of a new order and a fresh way of thinking, in order in which man is recognized as god's supreme creation enjoying material and the spiritual qualities and possessing a divine nation filled with a
12:11 am
desire to see justice. an order that aims to revive human dignity and believes in universal happiness and perfection. three, in order which is at peace, security and welfare for all walks of life around the globe. four, in order found upon trust in order. rulers must love -- five, a just and fair order in which everybody is equal before love and in which there is no -- leaders of the world must regard themselves as committed servants of the people, not their
12:12 am
superiors. seven, authority. is a sacred gift from the people to their rulers. not a chance to amass power and wealth. mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, is it possible to have such an order without having everybody's contribution to the way the world is run? it is abundantly evident that he if all the people commit themselves to the bed measured principles and become sensitive to the international issues and participate in decision-making, their wishes will find a chance to be -- by raising collective -- joint global management becomes more vivid if the chances of its
12:13 am
implementation increase. today, is the day of nations and will determine the future of the world. therefore together, we need to place our trust in god almighty and to stand against the minority with all our might so that they become isolated and can no longer decide the destiny of other nations. two, believe in god's bounty of blessings and mercy and seek it in the integration of human societies. governments emerging from the free will of nations must believe in their own ceaseless capabilities and know that they can achieve victory if they vigorously fight the unjust order and defend human rights. three, pave the ground for the joint global management by
12:14 am
insisting upon justice as strength, unity and friendship and expand economic social cultural and political directions in a specialized organization. four, care about the interest of all the people of the world and join hands to reform the current structure of the united nations with joint efforts in coordination. it is necessary to know that the nation belongs to all nations thus the existence of this among the members is a great -- too well. the existence of this monopoly in the united nations is in no way acceptable. five, has more coordinated efforts to generate and firmly establish the language needed for designing the required structures of the joint global
12:15 am
management, filled with justice, love, freedom and amity. participation in global management is the basis of lasting peace. the second-largest transregional group after the united nations held its 16th summit in tehran with the motto of joint global management, cognizant of the importance of this issue and the shortcomings of the current mismanagement and the emergence of crises and problems afflicting the world today. during the summit, participating heads of state and representatives of more than 120 quandaries underscored the necessity of a more serious and effective participation of all
12:16 am
nations in the global management. fortunately, we are now at a historic juncture. on one hand, marxism is no longer around and particularly eliminated from the management system, and on the other, capitalism is bogged down in a self-made quagmire and it has indeed reached a deadlock and does not seem to be able to come up with any noteworthy solution to the various economic political security and cultural problems of the world. the movement is proud to once again emphasized a rightfulness of this historic decision to reject the poles of power and the unbridled hegemony ruling the world. on behalf of the members of the nonaligned movement i would
12:17 am
rightly invite all countries of the world to play a more active role in making it possible for everybody to contribute to the global decision-making, and the processes in the world. the need to remove the structure of barriers and encourage universal participation in global management has never been greater before. the united nation lacks the efficiency to bring about the required changes. if this inefficiency proceeds, nation will lose hope in the global structure to defend the rights. the united nations is restructured international -- in the spirit of collective cooperation, the understanding of the night of nations will be damage. the united nations has been
12:18 am
created with justice and reinstitution of the universal rights has been practiced and engulfed by this -- preparing a supportive ground for the domination of a few powerful countries. consequently un's inefficiency has been on the rights. rise. moreover the existence of the middle of writing right in the mobilization of power have made it nearly impossible to defend the rights of the nation's. .. an appropriate mechanism to make it happen. the moment stands ready to aid the united nations in this essential indifference. mr. president, friends and dear
12:19 am
colleagues, courage and peace and security with decent lives for all, although a great ando historic mission can behistor mc accomplishedan. the almighty god has not left us alone in this nation and has set that it will surely have been. d if it doesn't happen, shall beoh contradict jury. god has the same man of kindness, a man who loved kindne people, who loved absoluteerfecd justice being, a man who a calm and the company of jesus christ. are you saying the inherent potential of all the wealthy men and women abominations, and i repeat, the inherent potential of all the men and women abominations comment he will leave humanity and to achieving
12:20 am
glorious and eternal ideals. the arrival of the arguments wal-mart a new beginning and a new resurrection. what beginning of peace. his arrival will be the end of operation, immorality, poverty and the beginning of justice, love and empathy. he will calm and he will calm pure ignorance, superstition, prejudice, by opening the gates he will establish proband and he will prepare the ground for the active and constructive participation of all in the global management. he will calm to grant kindness,
12:21 am
home freedom and dignity to all of humanity as a gift. he will calm some mankind will take the pleasure of these humans the men in the company of other humanities, he will calm and be joined with love to be purified at the service of security and welfare, happiness, well-being and peace for all. he will calm to return all children of adam, irrespective of their skin color to their inherent origin after a long history of separation and division, blink command to eternal happiness and joy. the arrival of the savior, jesus christ and the righteous by
12:22 am
mankind, not by force or invading worse, but through an awakening and developing kindness than everyone. their arrival will bring a new light in the cold and frozen, harsh body of the world. he will bless humanity, strength that puts on and to our ignorance, poverty and more embassies being of the main he puts an end to the winter of ignorance for humanity. now we can see and weekend fun for 3 cents and the souls will brief, the string that has just begun and doesn't belong to a specific race, ethnicity, nation or division.
12:23 am
a spring that will soon unleash all the territories in asia, europe, africa and america. he will be the spring of all, digestive speaker, freedom lover and a follower of heavenly profit. he will be the freedom of humanity and the greater of all. let us join hands in clear the way for his eventual arrival with empathy and cooperation in harmony and unity. let us march to salvation to the just instead of humanity today. long live this supreme. long live. >> while iranian president ahmadinejad made his last speech to the u.n., egypt's new
12:24 am
president mohamed morsi gave his first speech to the general assembly. in his half-hour remarks he talked about his selection, palestine and violence in the area. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: -- and they tend to address the assembly. [applause] may not >> translator: in the name of the god, the compassionate one, peace and prayers beyond his profits. mohammed. the prophets whom we love, we race -- respect to them and be
12:25 am
opposed to those who oppose him, the prayers of my love be on him. god describes in in the koran as the man of great ideal to you. also sad that we have sent to you for those who worship god. our peace and prayers are on him, his soul and all those who followed him until the day of doomsday. may god give me the correct words to address you, you people who have been created, made tribes to get to know each other, the most signified a view
12:26 am
to god is the most amoral empire. the president of the general assembly. mr. don king to come, secretary-general of the united nations. presidents, heads of governments, ladies and gentlemen. i salute you, peace and prayers be upon you and islam. mr. president, it gives me pleasure to congratulate you and your family country and the presidency of the general assembly in his confession. i wish you success in your
12:27 am
mission. i'd also like to express my sincere appreciation to the ambassador into the brotherly state of qatar for the outstanding procession. i would also like to pay tribute to the secretary-general of the nation for his continued assets to preserve the role of the organization. i assure a few of the chip supports to our efforts that he makes. mr. president, my presence here today in addressing the general assembly has multiple significance. i am the first egyptian civilian president enacted democratically
12:28 am
and freely following a great peaceful resolution, he used by the entire world. this revolution established a genuine person through the oscars of our egyptians inside and outside egypt's and with the grace of god. today, every egyptian shares a sense of self-confidence, allowing all of them to claim a higher moral ground. we have taken several steps on the road towards establishing the modern state, the egyptians
12:29 am
aspire to seek. one that is in june with the president, based on the rule of law, democracy and respect for human rights, a constitutional state that does not compromise their values of family and headed in the souls of all egyptians. a state that seeks justice, truth, freedom and dignity and social justice. the egyptian revolution that was found at under the legitimacy that iraq resigns, and
12:30 am
indigenously that i represent before you today was not the product of a fleeting moments, but it brief appraisal. nor was it the product or wind of change of spring, rather this revolution and all the ones preceding and following it in the region were triggered by the long struggle of genuine, natural movement that sought a life of prize for all citizens. it is thereby reflecting the wisdom of history and send in a back to .. mr. president, the division of the new ages that we strive to
12:31 am
realize for our nation and god willing also constitute the fame of action we present to the world and which should guide our cooperation with the international community and a spirit of equality and mutual respect and campaign nonintervention in the affairs of other states, as well as the implementation at inter-lateral principal agreements and conventions. today we retrace our commitment to them, particularly the united nations charter with egypt to supervise and drafting. through continued work to settle
12:32 am
problems and the root causes without relinquishing the principles of law or well-established values, which have compromised can lead to grave consequences for the international community if those who are rational and reasonable in the world do not say key. the first issue, which the world must make all after to resolve on the basis of justice and dignity of the palestinian cause. long decades have passed since the palestinian people expressed a desire to restore all the rides and to build the independent state of jerusalem,
12:33 am
despite the continued struggle of the people throughout legitimate means to a team they are right and the acceptance of the representatives of the resolutions adopted by the international community resolving the problems. despite all of this, his international legitimacy remains unable until now to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the palestinian people. these resolutions remained far from being an demented. the fruits of dignity and freedom must not remain far from the palestinian people. it is shameful that the free world would accept that a party
12:34 am
in the international community may continue to deny the right of a nation that looks to independence over decades, no matter what justification, it is also shameful that they continue in the territory of the people come in the palestinian and prevarication continuo of implementing international revolution. from the premise of defending true freedom and for my duty to support our palestinian brothers and sisters, i bring the national community before its responsibility which required a just and comprehensive peace and
12:35 am
putting an end to all forms of occupation on arab lands and the implementations in the national resolutions. i recall for immediate movement, serious movement as of now to put an end to colonization, occupation and settlement and the operation of the identity of jerusalem. i go for peace that would establish an independent palestinian state come a sovereign palestinian state, a piece that would achieve the security and stability long sought by the people of the region on the same basis i assure you of each of salt support to any course of action palestine decides to father the united nation. i call upon you all, just as you have supported the resolutions, i call upon you to lend her
12:36 am
support to the palestinians and their endeavor to retain the full and legitimate rights of the people struggling to teach regain his freedom and establish his independence in the states. an independent state of palestine, based on the inalienable rights of the palestinians, we will continue to lurk with the palestinian people supporting them until they get all the rights of their free will for the palestinians and every constituent of the palestinian people. mr. president, while we are attacking here in this international forum, we have to address a question that remains of social concern for the whole world, namely the bloodshed and the tragedy, the human tragedy in syria, the bloodshed that
12:37 am
must be stopped immediately as our main concern, our first concern come the blood that is being shed on the land of the beloved syria is far too dear to continue to be shed this day and night. the syrian people, dear to our heart and the hearts of every egyptian we hope for a future of freedom and dignity. this has been the essence of the initiative i propose in the holy city of mecca during last ramadan. and i have reiterated on subsequent occasions to avoid the worst, to avoid the worst and to prevent the continued
12:38 am
suffering of the people on the conflict turning into a full-scale civil war god for bid with negative effects extending beyond syria and its immediate neighbors. egypt, lower to three other countries involved in our initiatives has filed pleadings that have shown there are many areas of commonality. we will continue to work to put an end to the suffering of the syrian people and provide with an opportunity to choose freely the regime that best represents them. after this regime, the current regime comes to the nines, the regime that kills its people day
12:39 am
and night, after this regime comes to an end, the syrian people will choose with their own free will a regime that represents and please syria and its right place among democratic countries. so that it can continue to contribute to its arab comment march and it's international role based on solid legitimate foundations. i would like to emphasize here that this initiative is open to all. it is not just the purview of this starting parties, but it is open to all in this crisis. this crisis is responsible for the suffering. we all have to move the world
12:40 am
over to put an end to this tragedy. it is the tragedy of the age and our duty is to end this tragedy. egypt is committed to pursuing the sincere effort it has been making to put an end to the tragedy in syria was an arab, regional and international framework. a framework that preserves the unity of this brotherly state, it will involve all sections of the syrian people without discrimination based on race, religion or sex. it will prepare the danger of foreign ministry integration, which we oppose of course. egypt is also committed to supporting the mission of
12:41 am
mr. brahimi, special representative of the event and the league of arab states and the current efforts of unifying the syrian opposition and encouraging a to propose a comprehensive unified vision to encourage the opposition to propose a unified vision, a comprehensive vision of this study demographic, organize transfer of power in a manner that preserves the right of all constituencies in syria and maintains the essential place as in the new syria. the new serious after the new egypt god willing. i cannot say here to reiterate that egypt will work so that
12:42 am
this arab nation will occupy its rightful place in the world, this nation, this arab nation is an integral -- an integral component to beat europe's vision of its national security of the larger homeland that extends from the arab goal of to the atlantic ocean. and there is a huge field for the opportunity of cooperation and interaction with the countries of the whole world. egypt also considered extremely valuable contribution of the arab world with the wider islamic sphere, this vital necessity to promote a joint action within the organization of islamic corporation. egypt will make every effort to
12:43 am
ensure that the next conference due early next year and a jet, egypt will make sure this will strengthen mutual understanding between islamic countries and the rest of the world and will set in motion the principle of the civilization to effeminate the causes of misunderstanding and ploy by fanatics on both sides to wrongly prove the difference is great. to achieve political goals completely unrelated to the ideals, the noble ideals of religion. mr. president, our brothers and sisters need more than ever today, your support.
12:44 am
this country seeks to achieve stability and development and works on building healthy and i'd love ovations for south sudan. this nascent state, which we believe this qualifies along with our brother the sudan to become a cooperation between the arab world and african countries. sudan has made a great sacrifice in its quest for peace and stability. it has committed itself to the comprehensive peace agreement, otherwise known as the cpa. it was first to recognize the nationstates of sudan. but let me be frank, if it has not received the support it
12:45 am
deserves, it is now high time for the international efforts to rally in support of the sudan and work on settling difference is between its rival countries for all outstanding issues. mr. president, the success of the difficult tradition of faith the somali people have come to by electing his excellency bache road -- after a very difficult. i call upon the united nations to continue supporting the efforts made by the somali government and to fend off those who seek to hinder the affairs
12:46 am
and to achieve stability to achieve the aspirations of the somali people for a better future. mr. president. the principles of justice and righteousness are linked to achieving security and stability in the world, particularly in the middle east over many years, some have wrongfully thought to pace the ability to protection tyranny. somehow the last applauded their bad deeds. but now that the people of the region have regained their freedom, they will not -- they will not tolerate and they will not allow being deprived of the right, whether by their own leaders are outside forces.
12:47 am
the will of the people, especially in our region no longer tolerates the continued annexation of any country -- and a country to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and the nonapplication of the safeguards regime to their nuclear facilities, especially if this is coupled with irresponsible policies for arbitrary. in this regard the international community of preemptive mess or the chance to legitimize it is in itself a serious matter and must be firmly confounded to avoid the prevalence of the law. ..
12:48 am
important regime. its natural resources and trade corridors, egypt stretches -- stresses the need to mobilize international efforts to hold a conference on declaring a middle east free of nuclear weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction before the end of the current year, 2012, with the participation of all concerned partiesly without exception. let me say perfectly clear,no or perfectly clearly, the only solution is to get rid of nuclear weapons. there is no other alternative. all weapons of mass destruction l
12:49 am
countries in the world and all countries of the region. this of course including egypt and. they have a right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy within the framework of the mpt and with a commitment, a commitment by all of these countries to honor their obligations in this respect, providing the necessary guarantees the countries of the region so as to remove any suspicion surrounding the intentions of these programs. mr. president, truth and dignity encompass in our view the framework that governs international relations. there is snow doubt that a review of these international
12:50 am
relations will undoubtedly reveal the extent of injustice inflicted upon the african countries. i don't think i needs to go through the previous commitments that were made in this hall to both the development and economic growth in africa and through aid and investment. the world has a responsibility. the world has a responsibility to support the african efforts. beyond mere promises through providing the assistance needed to restore the treasures of african countries, restore them over executive hearings the last of which was once some form of supporting unjust regimes would assist in achieving a fake stability that protects their
12:51 am
interests. while these regimes were spreading corruption, and smuggling the wealth of these countries outside the homeland. i am aware that achieving these goals can only be done through the active participation of the leaders of this continent and the resumption of the responsibility, something that we as -- are ready and willing to do in our quest for a better future for our country. 2-d -- today, we as africans have to achieve for our country a new set of ambitious goals that would ensure africans are on the right track to development and achieve aspirations for a better future
12:52 am
and a re-participation for africa and the international economic order. and i assure you that egypt will continue to work with his brothers and sisters in africa. egypt is ready to cooperate with any stakeholder or partner in or outside of the country through the exchange of expertise and practices.
12:53 am
[speaking in native tongue] >> translator: we look at the national system and feel that we need to work seriously to repair this international order based on the principles and maintain its credibility. this is a legitimate demand of the people of the nations that expand themselves and would like to participate in a new world for a new future for its sons and daughters. the effective role of the general assembly as a demographic forum that would express the will of the international community and the change in the structure of the security council which still represents an era that is completely opposite as far as
12:54 am
our country is concerned, both must be reformed, must be reformed as the utmost priority that has to be dealt with the necessary seriousness. i would like to emphasize the need for the united nations to support issues of women and children. and i have proposed during the movement a new initiative to establish -- solely dedicated to youth issues, giving particular attention to the education, training, employment and improving youth participation in political life.
12:55 am
this would -- generations to achieve. egypt stresses that the international system will not be fixed as long as we have double standards. we expect from others, as they expect from us, that they respect our specificities and religious references and not seek to impose concepts or cultures that are not acceptable or to politicize certain issues and use them as a pretext to intervene for others, but muslims and migrants are going through a number of countries in a certain number of regions of
12:56 am
the world and discrimination in violation of their human rights and officious campaigns against what they hold sacred is unacceptable. this is unacceptable, the behavior by some, some individuals and the insults heard on the profit of islam mohammed is rejected. we reject this. we cannot accept it, and we will be the opponents of those who do this. we will not allow anyone to do this by word or deed. this runs against the most basic principles of the organization where we meet today. unfortunately, today it has now
12:57 am
acquired a name which is islamaphobia. we all have to work together. we must join hands in confronting these regressive ideas that hinder cooperation among us. we must move together to confront extremism and discrimination and insight to hatred on the basis of religion or race. the general assembly as well as the security council has the main responsibility and addressing the tsunami that is starting to have complications that clearly affect international peace and security.
12:58 am
the absent of these that i have referred to were recently released as part of an organized campaign against islamic sanctities are unacceptable and require -- we have a responsibility in this international gathering how we can protect these nations from instability and hatred. egypt expects freedom of expression, freedom of expression that is not used to incite hatred and anyone. not a freedom of expression that targets a specific religion or a specific culture. a freedom of expression that tackles extremism and violence, not the freedom of expression that deepens ignorance and
12:59 am
disregards others. but we also, as we have said before, and we also stand firmly against the use of violence in expressing objection to these obscenities. mr. president, before i conclude, i must state the severity and recurrence of financial and economic crises must lead us to review the international economic decision-making process that affect peoples that do not participate in their preparations. yet, they're the first to bear that than it could have consequences and growth, trade and the environment as well as the social fabric of society. that is the result of unfair
1:00 am
trade rules and conditionality's imposed on the transfer of equality. and access to -- [inaudible] there is a need for a new global economic government. i say there is an urgent need for a new global economic governments centered on aiming at cooperation between partners and developments on the basis of mutual benefit and interest. mr. president, i have laid before you our vision, a vision shared by the egyptian people. i have also intended to briefly
1:01 am
outline egypt's views on the main issues, the vision of the young, a vision of the women and the men in egypt on all important -- to the rest of the world. in the middle east and africa and the world, i am sure that the united nations is capable of its intended role of addressing all global challenges through dialogue, understanding and joint cooperation in accordance with the principles of international law. egypt post-revolution will spare no efforts in dealing sincerely with all the members of of disorganization. we will always remain at the forefront of international endeavor in achieving freedoms
1:02 am
for all peoples as well as social justice for all peoples including security and stability for all of our countries. i look forward, i look forward with optimism, great optimism, and i see the call for prevailing all over this world peace that is based on justice, a piece that will give all the right, a piece that does not discriminate between one and another for any reason. this peace will never prevail until we all cooperate, till we all realize that we are all equal. and that we share many aspirations and ambitions, a
1:03 am
peace whose message i bring to you, a peace of rights and justice, stability and development, interdependence, love and mutual respect. i don't believe that this is difficult for all of us if we extend our hand, our hand of cooperation and a sincere intention and a righteous work. god as our witness, we are all hopeful that we will see a better future, a better future for this world. i think you all
1:04 am
1:05 am
to foster work and enterprise in the middle east and other developing countries, i will initiate something a call prosperity tax, working with the private sector. the program will identify the barriers to investment and trade in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurialism in developing nations and in exchange for removing those barriers and opening the markets to u.s. investment and trade, developing nations receive u.s. assistance packages focused on developing the institutions of liberty, rule of law, property rights. >> we billy freedom and self-determination are not unique to one culture. these are not typically american values or western values. they are universal values. and even as there will be huge challenges to come when we transition to democracy and convince ultimately governments of the people, by the people and
1:06 am
for the people are likely to bring about the stability prosperity and individual opportunity to serve as a basis for peace in our world. up next to form on libyan security and have the government is dealing with militias, tribal conflict and supporters of former president gadhafi. from the carnegie endowment for international peace, this is nearly two hours. a.
1:07 am
>> good afternoon welcome to the carnegie endowment. i am a senior associate in the program here, and i am very happy that we were able to bring you a group of very knowledgeable speakers about the situation in libya. as we all all know libya has vey much been in the headlines in the last few days, but not necessarily in a positive fashion. the news reports coming out of libya is a very confusing situation. on the other hand the government that seems to have little control on what is going on in the country to the point where they could not prevent an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. at the same time government that
1:08 am
is extremely anxious to cooperate with the united states, extremely interested to behave the way of government should do in a situation of this sort. in addition, we see something that we very rarely see to take a position in favor of all government control. they are trying to -- the militias and the problem of the militias. we are very lucky to have with us three people who have been -- recently. i think both fred and cofield were there in july and i think these just came out. i thought it had been even more recently. they have all spent a considerable amount of time in
1:09 am
libya and are well acquainted with the situation. let me briefly introduce them, starting am i right with fred wary. fred is the latest addition to the military program here. is a senior associate in the program and he specializes essentially on security issues and covers not only libya but also covers the gulf countries. i think you should look forward to a lot more work from him. to my extreme right is peter kohl who is a senior analyst in libya. he is the author of two recent looks --
1:10 am
[inaudible] and holding libya together, security challenges after gadhafi. finally to my left is fed veal amin. those of you both into our meetings know he has been a frequent speaker on libya. he is the president of the american libyan counsel, nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening u.s. libyan relations. he is the senior cultural advisor for the department of defense and he travels frequently to libya. so without further ado, we are going to go in the order in which i've introduced and start with fred and move on to peter. >> thank you very much. i think it's important to analyze september 11 this year in the attack on the consulate as really the symptom of a
1:11 am
larger problem of ms. governance and instability and marginalization in the eastern region of libya known as sarah mega-that really comprises the three territories you see in on the map, the eastern half of the country. this is a conference on the periphery of libya but in the eyes of the standards especially people in benghazi, the beast should not be the periphery. it should not be on the margins of governance. they see this region is really the engine of historical change in the country that was really overturned by gadhafi when he moved political resources and economic resources wes. after all this is a region of the footage he -- and where gadhafi himself launched a coup drawing from eastern families and of course the epicenter of the 2011th revolt and most recently now the
1:12 am
epicenter of this revolt against the militia. everyone in libya knew that the militias ware problem but it was the people in benghazi to take matters into their own hands and really force the government and against these militias. there is a saying in benghazi when i was there that when benghazi sneezes the rest of libya catches a cold. i think that really speaks to the grievances of this region. the militia problem is part of the. the oil factors and other issue. roughly two-thirds of libya's oil comp from this area and what we see really is a very -- a power vacuum we see throughout libya was especially acute in the eastern part especially in benghazi and we saw an escalating series of attacks and a worsening security situation really cents for july 7 election. rocket attacks, car bombs, assassinations of gadhafi officials and militias running
1:13 am
around in the open in horse the culmination was the attack on the consulate. now in my paper i define eastern instability or the eastern problems into three categories. the first is sort of the move toward autonomy or federalism these grievances. it's a concern but it's somewhat stated from the scene after the july 7 elections and the second issue is salafi militancy and obviously this is a huge concern i will talk about that. the third is ethnic fighting down in the southern town of coup probe which lies far to the south between ethnic african -- and they arab tribe and this is a conflict that has reverberated across libya and it affects the eastern region. let me speak to this issue of autonomy and localism in this
1:14 am
region. prior to the elections there was a great deal of fear that this region would wake up the elections, that it was pushing for autonomy. there wasn't that an organization organization that was calling for autonomy, the market council. they instigated the closure of roads and they struck down the oil terminals. the bottom-line of the story is that this movement really fail to failed to attract a grassroots following and many of their tactics backfired. you saw huge public backlash against this movement that was really manifested in the elections. i think we can say the july 7 elections were an enormous success and really a referendum on national unity. that is not to say that the issue of federalism or localism for bradley won't go away and a key litmus test will be the constitutional process and the degree to which the constitution assigns powers to local authorities and municipal authorities. the more worrisome problem is
1:15 am
really the problem of salafi militancy and salafism is not a problem that is exclusive to the eastern part. if you recall recently there were a lot of salafi attacks in the west in tripoli but this area seems to have a special regimen for salafism. many of the roots of this movement are long-standing and go back to the 50s and 60's and the influence of the muslim brotherhood from egypt. the east was the scene of a horrific insurgency by the libyan islamic fighting group against the gadhafi regime during the 1990s. the militancy we are seeing right now in libya by groups like sharia implicated in the attack, i'm going to argue this is a symptom of a fracturing of the salafi movement in libya. after the revolution what you saw was many of the former libyan fighting group
1:16 am
luminaries, people like abdulrahim and the brother of abu-yahya in libya. these were veterans of the struggle against gadhafi. they entered politics and ran as parliamentary candidates. they became politicized. there was a fraction however in integration and that has formed militias that have called for boycotting the elections and that is really trying to make its voice heard in libya. i have argued in some articles, this faction is really a failed faction to attain residents and libyan society. they have obviously been making a lot of noise about the election in certain places like dharna and benghazi, trying to replicate social mores.
1:17 am
most recently we saw them across the country and of course they are playing the anti-u.s. anti-western card. there has been attacks against the red cross facilities and attacks against the then coffee conflict. all of these are symptoms i'm going to argue of a political movement that is not very mature and successful, that is grasping or really flailing for relevance in this society and you can argue that the consulate attack was really a symptom of this debate. the important thing i think we need to remember about salafism in libya is libyan society has its own built-in anti-body in this movement and we certainly saw that over the past weekend when they crafted benghazi took matters into their own hands and ran back to the headquarters of
1:18 am
the salafi militia but this pushback by libyan society against the salafis began actually much earlier. the first entry of this main salafi militia into libyan political life occurred in june of this year when they staged a rally in benghazi and they were parading their technical vehicles with antiaircraft weapons along benghazi's main -- and calling for sharia. there was a huge counter protests by women's groups and ngos saying you know pack your bags. this country is not afghanistan. who are for you to strong-arm their way into our political life and many of the strongest voices in this for women's groups. you found this even a place like dharna which has long been described as a hotbed of islamic militancy but in fact it has a thriving in geoseen in civil society and there have been numerous as this is where people of pushback there. an important -- dance salafi
1:19 am
militancy are the tribes. there've been numerous instances when i was doing my work and east of tries getting together after one of the salafi militias overstepped their bounds and perhaps it killed a member of a tri. the tribe would get together and in one case chase the salafi bush out of dharna. they would prevent tribal members from joining the salafi groups and i think it's really important to recognize this self-correcting method that is unique to libyan society. we saw to manifest this past weekend. the second conflict in the east is the conflict between ethnic arab and -- in cooper a perk on going to let peter talk about this and part of the border problem but this is a simmering conflict and really a message of gadhafi's
1:20 am
dividing rule. it's certainly affected all of libya. let me conclude with some thoughts about the security sector and why this attack happened and where these militias came from and what the government is doing about it. what we saw i think over the past year and a half was a real bargain. these provisional governments in libya. it was a pro-raft so it really relied upon these militias, over 200 militias organized along regional or town lines to keep order. it cut deals with them. to use them to protect its authority. certainly there was this attempt to divide these militias. the good militias those that have nominally fallen under the ministry of defense and ministry
1:21 am
of interior and the rogue militias that lay outside of it but in practice all of them are allowed to operate freely and have there in headquarters in their own armies and issue their own i.d. cards and they have their own payrolls. they kept people employed and they certainly had ready access to heavy weaponry that would allow them really to conduct an attack with the one on the consulate within an hour's notice. they were out there operating. some of them i'm going to argue genuinely performed the public service function. they functioned as sort of neighborhood watch in his. they control traffic. others however had contained these laws into themselves. they were operating mafia like organization's getting criminal enterprises and some of them as we see have very infamous orientations. this was really problematic. the fundamental paradox that we find now is it's going to be
1:22 am
different for the government to put the genie back in the bottle with these militias. the militias were really organized into these ad hoc bodies that were intended to enforce security during the transitional period and i'm talking about the supreme security committees that were formed and attached to the ministry of interior. they really functioned like a national army across the country and. they were normally assigned to the ministry of interior. like every account of the supreme security committee, they been poorly trained. they have allowed the militias to pursue their own prerogative. there are reports of people who would join the supreme security committees and it would be triple dipping so they would get the payment from the committees, the police and their own militias. what we saw recently was a great deal of public outrage of these committees for not keeping order in the states in tripoli, but
1:23 am
they were standing by orc intoning these attacks. people were proposing the jeans he demanded the leaders of the supreme security committees resign and what they did was go on strike and retracted their demands so they have enormous clout. there's another body known as the gwydion shield that falls under the ministry of defense and this on this is really anotr attempt to co-opt the militias into discourse that is designed to quell a lot of the travel flight -- fighting throughout the country. with this and that being a sort of a shadow security thing, parallel to the army and in many cases it has ended up inflaming the conflict that it was meant to suppress or mitigate. some of these shield forces include radical militias. a sharia militia was part of the shield force going down in cobra ii fight. so clearly a priority for the
1:24 am
new government, not only in the east but in the south and filling the security vacuum and with that i will turn it over to you. >> thanks, fred. let me just catch that ball. [laughter] >> hi. i'm peter. i've been in libya for 12 to 13 months with the tribal groups during the fighting phase of the revolution. i arrived in late july. and pretty much covering the entire transitional ntc or the transitional government. i'm going to talk to you today about one of the other huge policy issues in libya today which is the south and with that, cross-border smuggling and with its security and governance fred was talking about with regard to militias and security and governance as well. i'm going to start off talking
1:25 am
about and giving a few obvious things and why it's of interest to this organization in particular. is a huge area. libya is an enormous country and the majority population is a highly urbanized country and then you have, i mean really enormous hinterland, something like 4.5000 kilometers of borders. it takes about 24 hours, probably a little bit more, just to drive, couple of days to drive across the equivalent of the cell. this is an enormous place in unlike for example parts of egypt for example, it's thinly populated throughout which a lot of people don't realize. they see these big spaces between come in between towns of the actual surveillance and security challenge is really quite huge. they really started from a very
1:26 am
low base. one of the things you'll probably know when you think about smuggling is what happened after the revolution which was nearly all the philippians, vast and again i mean fast weapons caches were opened up and ransacked by anyone. i was in tripoli watching it and these arms have been traded and some of them have gone to create these militia groups that fred was talking about and spectacularly in february 2012, they were able to use weapons that they acquired from libya to arm an insurgency. it's not just -- the authorities regularly have problems with the inspection of weapons coming through. rebel groups and are for have been proven to have weapons with
1:27 am
libyan serial numbers and libyan i.d.s that they acquired in the last year. so it is very much a regionwide issue and possibly the biggest spread of small arms to the areas that we have seen in quite some time. the other of course major issue with your audience here as well as human trafficking. libya is one of the main hubs perhaps been the second one, the main transit point. it's only 600 climate is to islands travel frequently. for example from zwara and malta nearby as well. libya in 2008, there were 40,000 -- coming from libya just to italy. there was an enormous spike in people trafficking and with the drugs and security challenges that the european union had to deal with.
1:28 am
from a security policy perspective, these are the big issues. what i'm now going to try to do in the time i have this kind of take a bit of a step back and give you, talk a little bit about the history of the society and explained why these issues are going to be very intractable to solve and why they have never been cell. there has been cross-border trade and trafficking of people weapons in goods and services for far longer than there has been a libyan state and the gadhafi government in some ways is at a loss from the maritime borders and has little to actually do that. and lots of cross-border trafficking. i will take a step back. the south is, you need to think
1:29 am
about a few major ethnic groups in the south, tribal and ethnic groups. in the south piece of the country you can see the crew for a district and it's all the way through the border. there is a very large ethnic group who are sub-saharan. there is about something like 300,000 spread across chad, sudan, libya and tunisia. there is something like 3% of the libyan population but there there's a significant majority in these other countries. then you have further west, you have got the soirée and i will miss in them in the context of mali, about 1.2 million spread across egypt, mali, mauritania and western india. you can see there are a few towns on the algerian border.
1:30 am
you also have, they swore at our further to sub-saharan africa. i'm talking loosely here but you also have a lot of arab tribes and groups. they live in chad and they lived in sub-saharan world. ..
1:31 am
1:32 am
>> you are going to become involved in negotiating the borders. it is structurally and then make -- a problem. but the way the social networks work. relationships, your marriage occurs within the social group. they don't actually mary within their family like in
1:33 am
the north like an arab town they will marry someone from a completely different klan. socially picks somebody from very far away. you are more likely to have closer relationships thousands of miles away and the next town down the road. that is the social landscape. the element of discrimination and marginal as asian. i would like to talk about that. what is taboos specifically
1:34 am
the senses, sorry. its losses me there to literate for the survey. they have a big u.s. citizenship. and they have manipulated but with the tell lead there was a decade-long series of wars that could duffy tried to change the shape and direction of the country. the libyan government encouraged the claim over the borderlands.
1:35 am
when they've lost, i cannot give specific numbers but they lost their citizenship. and then drafted into the army @ and then drafted into the army and crawford as gaddafi succeeded his relationships the band. but he wanted to set himself up as a mediator. he did that by submitting his relationships. the battalion who wince
1:36 am
exceptional and what you saw from the revolution the so-called mercenaries. it turns out they were alleged to be fighting for money. actually after that may through july they went back. i don't talk about them as much as i should but they are equally poor. there were low-level jobs that is why there was such a bedrock of the state. that is my social history.
1:37 am
and the degree of marginal station together with the social there is no real option life but at the same time they become part of the security service themselves. the same groups at the same time starting the low-level with the police and the army and that is why you have been entrenched problem. the way that gadhafi's libya tried to monitor extremely pragmatic and week.
1:38 am
and time and time again for the military offense but the prophesy and degree of symbiosis the military defense establishment had. i'll try to use this now. is the indication of a large military base and a major entry point* for human traffickers. coming from sudan, there is the mountains here then they come through here.
1:39 am
and in all three cases that smugglers bring the commanders but his policies either favored african emigration are tried to implicate the european powers. you are paid taboo police officer, a legal way is with tariffs and a private legally. if you have nominal citizenship papers anyway
1:40 am
but of course, they would not tell anybody but in many cases only a few kilometers. so i talk about the symbiosis that low-level is how to profit but higher up the chain of authority you have the government administration. the people with their real power were the mediators. and the colonel would take off any trade profits going to the region. so there was basic
1:41 am
corruption. it meant the interior ministry was effectively power less. and the middlemen were above the law or the bureaucratic protocol. that is the system libya has inherited. review abizaid geographically diverse terrain and socially you could never do so in a consistent way. but even the military was so fragmented, different radio channels, they did not
1:42 am
answer to the same guy. the pervades were run by people like his son. ironically the military is not dissimilar of the karzai legal brigade. said you have to not only provide as the policy maker the obvious security solution but go ground up and that is a big challenge. and it is inherently dysfunctional i'd argue you
1:43 am
also have to deal with social issues. it is taboo. the reason they did it was to regain ownership that gaddafi requisitioned then he strips citizenship and the have to deal with at as well. i will leave it there but that is the essential argument. [laughter] i don't think it has been done since the romans.
1:44 am
[laughter] i stayed that will highlight to let you and fred were saying to, but they creative solution. gadhafi was not a leader in the sense like running a country. of constant manager of conflict. that was his job. libya was a tool and an instrument that is why we don't see him develop anything over the last 20 years. because his goal has been to use this tool for regional and global gold at the level
1:45 am
of the arab world and that is why we see we are left with a mess but i think looking at it that way we have to say we're now faced by creating a new country where it is nothing to build on except the will of the people with some potential of success. because of the peripheral
1:46 am
and the conflict we have seen what has happened with the ambassador with the last couple of weeks ago before that there were attacks and assassinations. it is becoming strategic because of the problems it could cause. perhaps to be a shift of how we view the country this is something we have to keep in mind they always do business. they don't call it smuggling but transportation.
1:47 am
[laughter] and as part of the larger society to change jobs and careers they bush do the same. not because they like to approve the gene pool -- gene pool but creating context in another area to do their business. so both the taboo that live in the vast area that involves everybody that used to be involved with them. they used to traffic goods but now they traffic weapons
1:48 am
and interacting with the colombian cartel. they are now doing business with the militia. so they're becoming a part of a global enterprise. and the government manage all of this? no. i don't think that it can. that is where it is a regional issue if you are involved in trafficking could doff the use that as a tool. what kind of solution?
1:49 am
that going back to the bill itself there is an excellent paper by fred. he got it right on every level but i want to add a couple of fame list. somehow federline it -- the alliance he brought them in andover time with the security forces he knows the weaknesses and how to manipulate. leftover forces are still there.
1:50 am
after that from the european peninsula they are involved. while the senate has been misguided their other elements that use them. technically the three of them agree and that is what brings them together. strategically they are different. the united states is then a global war. they play on the whole idea of sharia and implementing islam.
1:51 am
but the security apparatus with the lack of stability it works well for everybody. if there is a problem insecurity there is the push to security forces there would be no malicious. so all of them work. that is why some of the attacks were very well organized. the assassinations were targeted.
1:52 am
even to the point* we don't want to bet but for what they can use in their videos for propaganda and makes them a little dangerous in that sense. after the attack and the demonstration by the libyans and they took over but the problem that we have those are very naive. they declare the hours but
1:53 am
of course, they cannot enforce it. but rather than when you could not fulfil but some of these issues in libya our of social issue. you cannot go to the movies are now -- middle east right now. but so i want to work it in said out. that his a certain level of sophistication that libyans do not have.
1:54 am
but they think they know everything. that kind of arrogance is very hard to deal with. and in the united states we will have to do ourselves. and lastly, they are also divided. go political lore go extreme.
1:55 am
and that is the setback for them. so for them to become extreme or they will try again. once the government is sophisticated enough they will have a mystique at the table. then have a discussion within the country then it is that somebody else's table. the government has yet to to have a multi growth strategy. so that is that the level of discussions to try to provide the workable
1:56 am
solutions. they cannot do it on their own but to seek help when they do. thank you. >> let me open up the discussion with a question. it is very simple. for those of us who have had training as a political scientist something that jumps up immediately is the proponents of the state. wide is the monopoly.
1:57 am
so what we are dealing with it is not much in the sense to go beyond the executions. also the state itself is at stake here. but to oppose it specifically my question is based on the previous conversation where he was arguing the best way to
1:58 am
bring them alicia under control -- militia under control has a better possibility at the level to try to get them to surrender to the other government. that when he talks about the ngos, local groups, the women come and protest and i would like you all to comment on this. >> you're absolutely right.
1:59 am
you have a shell of a central government. there is a complete disconnection. there is so much activity that can be done to reflect to improve the situation at the national level. if they could benefit and coordinate, it has not been done. the problems are still local or regional. of the government does not work at the local level

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